Egg In A Frame

Egg in a frame - See Youtube video

 Watch Chef Debee making Egg In A Frame on YouTube

You decide what shape to cut out of a wholesome piece of bread next time your Saturday morning rolls along.  All that is left to do is drop your egg into a buttered fried crust and bring a smile to any child.


1 slice Whole Wheat Bread
1 egg
butter for spreading


1. Pre-heat skillet on medium heat
2. Cut out a large hole in center of bread, using a cookie cutter or the mouth of a large glass
3. Butter both sides of the cut-out and butter both sides of the frame
4. First brown the cut-out in the buttered skillet on both sides till nicely browned and crisp
5. Place frame in pan and brown on the one side, adding more butter if needed
6. Turn frame over and drop a small amount of butter into hole and then drop the egg into the
hole, cooking till almost done and then flip over gently for a few more seconds


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