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1.  Italian Wedding Soup

2.  Maple Syrup Substitute

3.  Beans over Chips

4.  Barbeque Chicken Wings

5.  Herb ‘n Potato Soup

6.  Chestnuts Roasting ‘In My Oven’

7.  Sliced Potato Cheese Casserole

8.  Roasted Red Pepper Salad

9.  Quick Chicken/Spinach & Whole Wheat/RICE PASTA

10.  Corn Casserole

11.  Escarole Soup

12.  Crock-pot Lasagna using RICE LASAGNA NOODLES

13.  Chicken Cacciatore using RICE PASTA

14.  Italian Spaghetti Squash

15.  Greek-Style Meatloaf using RICE BREAD CRUMBS

16.  Me-Me’s Famous Mac’n Cheese using RICE PASTA

17.  Sliced Baked Potato

18.  Greens & Beans Miso Soup

19.  Cilantro Pesto

20.  Stuffed Shells with Cheese using JUMBO RICE SHELLS

21.  Greek’n Gluten Free Chicken’n Pasta

22.  Cathy’s ‘Shredded’ Potato Salad

23.  Parm-Crusted Chicken Breast For Two

24.  FIVE Layer Dinner

25.  Italian Turkey Sausage over Vegetables

26.  Turkey Mexi-Pie

27.  Rice ‘n Black Bean Salad

28.  Uncle Tony’s Pasta Fagioli using RICE PASTA

29.  Lean Turkey Herbed Meatloaf

30.  Foil Baked Cod ‘n Tomato ‘n Lemon

31.  Spinach Stuffed Turkey-Beef Pie

32.  Broccoli ‘n Garlic Salad


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